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Investment due diligence

STRATA combines the UK’s most accurate people screening solution with deep investigative resources to deliver a formidable process of pre and post investment due diligence.

The key component to an investment is not always the subject of the investment but rather the people directly or indirectly associated with the investment.
People risk is a crucial factor investors must continually address in order to protect their personal and investment status.

The integration of closed source background checks, state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, forensic document examination and extensive legal services positions STRATA as a leading investment risk mitigation resource.

There is a fine balance between not losing the right investment and not choosing the losing one.

Herein lies the importance of embedding STRATA as an integral component within both pre and post-investment risk mitigation processes.

  • Market Comparison

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    Competitor personal background checks are limited to accessing just 8% of available data about people. STRATA accesses a minimum of 78% of data.

  • Data Analysis

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    Access otherwise commercially unavailable data and intelligence linked to official criminal records.

  • Investment Specific

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    Due diligence reports customised to meet investment-specific needs including potential jurisdictional exposure.

  • International Checks

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    All STRATA checks are international, are not time constrained and do not leave a digital footprint on an individuals record.

  • Quick Turnaround

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    UK data returned within 24/48 hours. International reports within 4-5 days.

  • Actionable Outputs

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    Qualified risk indicators permit investors to take unparalleled degrees of preventative action.

  • Improved Decision Making

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    Make informed decisions based upon the significant 70% gap in data analysis capabilities.

  • Risk Mitigation

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    STRATA is a critical component in achieving verifiable risk assessed decisions.

Market comparison

STRATA background check market comparison


STRATA enhanced due diligence



Commercial investment due diligence reports are drawn from ‘open source’ databases and are restricted to accessing just 8% of available data about ‘people’.

STRATA accesses ‘closed source’ data synced with international criminal records with access to a minimum of 78% of data about people.

A vast international framework of intelligence resources is applied to isolate risk indicators contained within the significant 70% data gap in data analysis capabilities.

The types of risk an individual may pose to an investment can be mitigated via access to the following information:

  • a complete analysis of investment history
  • involvement in bribery, corruption or fraud
  • links to friends, family or associates involved in criminality
  • links to shell companies or concealed offshore accounts
  • money laundering or embezzlement activities
  • current and historic aliases
  • concealed business dealings
  • international travel patterns
  • international spent and unspent cautions, arrest warrants and convictions
  • full financial history including financial irregularities
  • political and ideological persuasions
  • substantiation of personal character and credentials
  • complete social media analysis
  • verification of true (or false) identity using facial recognition technology

Why STRATA is so important?

STRATA is the UK’s most rigorous people-risk analysis resource. Applying unparalleled degrees of closed source intelligence permits highly informed and strategic investment decisions to be made.

Whereas traditional due diligence tends to focus on financial and/or commercial risk, STRATA focuses on the management team behind the investment.

By means of unique partnerships with UK and foreign government intelligence sources and strategic international alliances STRATA delivers intelligence-led risk mitigation to safeguard investment position and ROI protection.

Cost of failure vis-à-vis cost of due diligence

There are significant dissimilarities between conventional investment decision making models. Transparency is a major issue and it is extremely difficult to extract correct information to verify the true credentials of those behind an investment opportunity.

Such a lack of transparency inevitably leaves investors exposed to potential risk.

Prospective investments can be novel, innovative and sometimes even enter unchartered territories. Investors struggle to evaluate inconsistent investment proposals consistently, at best leading to delays in investment decisions or at worst making the wrong investment decision due to unidentifiable risk.

STRATA is designed to achieve risk-reduction for investors by identifying hidden issues that may cause irreparable damage to reputation and finances.

STRATA delivers a commercially unrivalled and welcomingly fresh perspective to investment risk mitigation.


Document examination

Estimates suggest that over 90% of bank instruments [MTN, BG, SBLC] in open circulation are false, or part of a larger criminal fraud.

Forensic document examination enables us to identify fraudulent activity or intent within agreements in order to protect pre or post investment positions.

Our forensic teams check contracts and individuals involved in the investment process, even going as far as checking associates, banks, lawyers and family members.
We leave no stone unturned to protect you and your assets.


Litigation Service

Our investigation teams provide a unique perspective to cases both civil and criminal, notably via pre-litigation reports and eDisclosure (eDiscovery) services.

Our pre-litigation reports enable clients to make informed decisions about whether an opponent is worth suing and identifies facts, other than the legal merits of a claim which could influence a decision as to whether to start court proceedings, or not.
Our reports can also identify potential ‘levers’ to encourage opponents to enter an agreement to resolve issues outside of court.

Once litigation is foreseen, it is the legal duty of the company to lock down and preserve the relevant electronically stored information (ESI) and begin the process of making eDiscovery enquiries. Given the complications of the eDisclosure process, a specialised blend of exceptional legal minds, as well as experienced technical practitioners, is required.

While eDisclosure or eDiscovery is often considered a litigation support service it is also closely associated with financial fraud investigations and digital forensics – our core business functions.

Now aware of the distinct gap between ‘open’ versus ‘closed’ source data analysis capabilities, would you make an informed investment decision knowing just 8% of the risk or upon understanding 78% of the facts?

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Information and


To learn more about STRATA or to arrange a consultation please complete our contact form.

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