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Dating App background checks

Automatically syncing facial recognition technology with criminal records checks.

STRATA’s integrated risk mitigation capabilities enable our client to conduct real-time biometric identity checks that automatically link with criminal records to eliminate fake profiles, catfish and scam accounts.

Sector-specific challenges

Romance scams have increased by 382% in the past five years.
Police reports of stalking and physical abuse also continue to rise at an alarming rate.

Approximately seven million people in the UK are registered on dating Apps and around 1 in 3 relationships now start online.

With little or no emphasis placed upon verifying whether dating profiles are real there is a heightened risk of vulnerability and a significantly increased risk of being scammed, or worse. Personal safety is a critical concern across the online dating industry.

Without global industry regulations the problem is only going to get worse. Until such time it is in the hands of social channels and dating Apps to protect their members.

Cause for concern

Industry facts

More than a quarter of people who have used dating Apps have been subjected to sexual assault, whilst a third have reported harassment or continued stalking. Many people have been duped out of their life savings.

  • During 2021, £92 million was lost to romance fraud in the UK alone.
  • 63% of people felt uncomfortable whilst on a date arranged via a dating App.
  • 37% have experienced stalking after using a dating App.
  • Online dating murders have increased significantly.
  • 75% of women receive unwanted explicit photos in dating Apps.

Client solution

STRATA is embedded within our client’s member onboarding process, protecting members by automatically syncing facial recognition identity checks with international criminal records.

STRATA layers additional closed source intelligence data with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal records data to provide a unique, unparalleled and unrestricted view of personal circumstances. This includes accessing full historical international spent and unspent cautions, reprimands, arrest warrants and convictions.
Checks against Children’s and Adult barred lists are included.

Insolvency checks and addicts register checks add a further layer of security.

STRATA’s unique access to data held by intelligence resources worldwide exposes 78% more information about an individuals identity and personal circumstances.

Would you make an informed decision knowing just 8% of the risk, or upon understanding 78% of the facts?

To mitigate personal risk, shouldn’t dating App members be afforded the same choice?

Extended risk mitigation

Facial recognition technology

Applying facial features as biometric identifiers – from a single photo or video STRATA verifies true and extensive credentials about an individual.

‘All’ commercially available FRT services are reliant upon access to open source and soon to be globally discontinued databases. Furthermore, open source FRT is highly inaccurate and incapable of filtering photoshopped miss-information or manipulated images due to applying just 16 points of reference during ID verification.

STRATA’s closed source facial recognition technology applies 2.3 million points of reference to ensure absolute accuracy in ID verification not only in facial but also emotional recognition.

Eliminating dating anonymity

By stopping fake and potentially harmful profiles and scammers our client eliminates anonymity so no-one can hide behind their screens – members ALWAYS know who they’re really chatting to.

Criminal intent

Dating Apps are a primary target for criminals to conduct romance scams. Advanced technologies are used to conceal their locations and identities making it increasingly difficult for dating Apps to authenticate profiles.

STRATA’s access to closed source data held by intelligence resources worldwide instantly verifies true or false identities and personal credentials.

Identity checking process

A seamless process of integration enables our client to conduct ID verification and background checks on member profiles in one trusted system.

The types of checks conducted can be tailored to meet client-specific needs.


    Background checks were tailored to meet client specific requirements.


    • Required member information is transferred to STRATA’s secure data processing system.
    • There is no lower or upper limit to the number of checks that can be conducted.
    • STRATA background checks are legal, ethical, fully GDPR compliant and do not leave a digital footprint on an individuals record.

    • UK checks completed within 24-48 hours.
    • International checks completed within 3-4 days.

    • Data is returned using a simple traffic light grading system – Green | Amber | Red.
    • Green results are fed into the App as new and ID verified members.
    • Any suspicious amber or red flag risk indicators are held in moderation and addressed directly with our client.

    Continued data analysis detects and reports even subtle changes in personal circumstance.

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